Astrology - Black Onyx

Astrology - Black Onyx


Ancient astrolabes and decorative ornaments at the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha fascinated Alice. In creating her Astrology collection she combined these inspirations with the brilliance of Twentieth-century Qatari jewellery crafted from gold and precious stones.

  • 100% Silk Twill

  • Hand Rolled Edging

  • Made in Britain

  • 90 x 90 cm

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Information about Fabric

The Silk Twill scarf is a soft, medium weight fabric with a close diagonal weave. Its lustrous shine makes it a luxurious and sophisticated accessory for any outfit. As a natural material, silk has great breathability. This means that it will help to keep you cool in warmer temperatures, but will also help to retain your body heat in cooler temperatures.

How to Care for your Scarf

Your scarf will be wrapped in acid-free tissue paper, placed inside a luxurious AFP box and secured with a ribbon. Alice recommends dry cleaning your scarf to preserve its quality. To get rid of any creases, she suggests covering your silk scarf with a white cotton fabric and steam ironing it at a low temperature as indicated on the label.