The Omani Dreams Inspiration & Story


Oman is an enchanting country.

Its rich culture and traditions, sparkling sea, fertile land and majestic mountain range create an exoticism that excites the imagination.


The Omani Dreams collection was drawn from the rich colours and geometric patterns of Muscat, and its magical mountain landscapes beyond. An ancient doorway in bold colours found in the local village Misfat Al Abriyeen became a key element in the design. The geometric repeat pattern on the door comprised of four petals and its curved shape contrasts with the straight lines and squares in the scarf design. A structured floor tile in the Opera Galleria, a luxury shopping mall beside the magnificent Royal Opera House in Muscat, also influenced the development of the design.

The four scarves represent the rich variety of colours found in the country: the deep and vivid pigments of their woven textiles and the vibrant traditional Omani dresses that sparkle with jewels and embroidery. In contrast the natural colours: khaki, brown and sepia are characteristic of the earth, the grass and the mountainous rocks. The white reflects the brilliant architecture, the yellow is a symbol of the brightness from the sun, and the light blue is illustrative of the sky, the sea, and the water that comes from the mountains.

Anna ClarkComment